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Life, Business and Leadership Lessons

Life, Business and Leadership Lessons I Learned From My Mentor

Most of us have someone that we look up to and learn from. It can either be our parents, teacher or a mentor. If you haven’t found one, you need to start looking. In this post, I will share with you what I learn from my mentor Tony Robbins.

Acknowledge the steps to transformation

People go through phases in life and this determines a certain mindset that shall allow them to better manage their situation.  There are 5 Steps to transformation:

1) Satiation – this is where people are ultimately “okay” with their lives until they’ve been in it too long it leads to 2) Dissatisfaction or sometimes, pain.  You tolerate but eventually, you’ll reach a point wherein you say, ‘enough!’ and that’s your 3) Threshold.  At this point, you begin to assess what’s wrong and this is a short time that you realize the truth or the 4) Inside opener and shall eventually bring you to your 5) Opening and compel you to act right away.

If you buy a new candy and you liked it, would you give it up?  Does that mean you have to wait until you’ve gone through the steps before preventing potential toothache or addiction?  If you like chocolates but has the early symptoms of diabetes, will you wait until you’ve reached your threshold before you take action?

The key is to manage through the phase and make sustainable choices.  There is no problem if one is happy!  Acknowledge the steps, understand them in order to realize what actions to take.

At which phase are you in your life?  What do you need to change?  What must sustainable choices be made to keep the momentum?

Focus on results

Life, Business and Leadership LessonsTony Robbins designed the Rapid Planning Method (RPM), a strategy that is results-oriented rather than activity centered.  Similar to the concept of decisions, when you teach your brain to think of outcomes, your brain functions and works on what must be done to meet it.

If you want to lose weight and find yourself unsuccessful, ask yourself instead, what is it do I really want?  What is the result that I want?  Will I lose weight overnight? Will I meet my goal in a week?  The target is not the activity.  The activities you do to meet your goal is a constant decision-making process – involving emotional, psychological and physiological aspects.

“People Mistake movement to achievement.  Affirmations sometimes create delusions.”  Knowing all these do not mean action.  You have to make them happen and a conscious decision must always be made.

What are the outcomes you’d like to finish?  Try to visualize these outcomes every day when you start your day.  See how it impacts your productivity.

Thrive towards the master lessons in life

Tony Robbins said that there are two master lessons in life: 1) Science of achievement -making things happen/what you want and 2) Art of fulfillment -appreciation, and contribution.  Life is more than what is happening to you as an individual.  While you deal with your personal needs – you have to keep in mind that success is not a numbers game.  You do not rewire or change the world, but you contribute to making it a better world to live in – not only for yourself but also for others.   “You are larger than anything that could happen to you.”

What are your achievements in life?  How can you use them to contribute to others?

Be resourceful

There is always a reason why you’re at a certain mindset or why things are not completed or done.  Why are you not happy with your job?  It doesn’t pay me well, my boss is rude, I’m not sure.  Why were you late?  Because of traffic, my alarm clock did not sound, I’m sorry.  There are all common and in many ways valid.  Tony Robbins said, however that: “Claim to the Missing resources which may be true but it is not the defining factor.  The defining factor isn’t resources but resourcefulness.”

Many people think outward – what others cannot do for them rather than what they cannot do for themselves.  They blame their boss for not showing them what to do but they never really asked how to do it nor did they exert effort to clarify what was needed.

What resources should you maximize?  What have you failed to do for yourself in order to be successful?

Be a leader

Have the right perspective.  Remember that you are a leader.  When you maintain a home or try to prepare a decent meal on a tight budget, you’re a leader.  You are a leader when you teach your children to respect life and the elderly.  You are a leader when you guide another person who doesn’t know what to do.  You are a leader when you serve.  Recognize that you are.  “Change happens when you be yourself.”

Tony Robbins shared the Mandates of leadership 1) See it as it is but not worse than it is. Do not make excuses on what not to do. 2) See it better than it is.  Raise your standards and take the opportunity.  Remember your musts against your shoulds. 3) Make it that way.

What type of leader are you?  Who do you lead?  What is the situation?  How can you raise the standard?  How can you make it that way?

Be grateful

Be grateful for nature and for the benefits you do not have to do anything for.  Appreciate that you have worked hard and reaped benefits.  Be grateful for the small victories over your battle against negative emotions and be thankful for what you have – your talent, your leadership, your art and your skills.

Grateful people are happy people.  You cannot be grateful and be angry.  You cannot be grateful when you’re busy judging others.  You cannot be grateful if you cannot forgive yourself.

Being grateful also creates a positive energy that is both physical, mental and spiritual.  You cannot thank someone without verbalizing or shaking their hands.  You cannot be thankful for air if you pollute it or for water if you’re not saving it.

“The shifts inside of you add the real value.”

It is also easier to love and be happy when you’re grateful.  These emotions are critical to change, success, and life.  “Love is the strongest fuel and emotion that can drive a person into action.

Do you love to work because it gives you the money you need to survive?  Do you love your bodies when you expose it to potential illnesses?  Do you love your customers when you only give them attention when they’re buying your products?  Do you love your partners because they love you back?


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Self Improvement Seminars

6 Unparalleled Benefits of Attending Personal Development Seminars

Attending self-improvement seminar is a great way for continuous self-education. It has many amazing benefits that you cannot simply get from reading books.

When first hearing about personal development events, most people share a common reaction “I’m not going to spend my weekend sitting down and listen to someone else talk!” But what if I told you that most personal development events are far different from this initial assumption?

Personal Development events are designed to give you all the right tools and information you need in order to succeed within the shortest amount of time possible. But with so many information sources regarding personal development, why should you take some of your time to attend one of these events? In order to debunk any possible myths about live events and, hopefully, in order to help you truly see the value of live events, we have put together a short list naming the top 6 benefits of Personal Development Events you should know.

Access to exclusive information

All the top motivational speakers and personal development experts share one secret: save the best tips for the live events. By attending a live event, you not only get access to a whole new set of tips you can use, you also have the unique opportunity to have a highly personalized educational experience with the speaker, as they usually adapt the event according to the audience.

A chance to meet like-minded individuals

These events also allow you to meet people who, just like you, wish to improve themselves and grow. Whether you are looking for a new coffee-friend, a new event-companion, or even end up establishing a new business opportunity, Personal Development Events are ideal to meet new people.

Jumpstart your journey towards Personal Development

Regardless of whether you have been on a road to Personal Development for years, or you are just taking your first steps, live events are meant to motivate you and leave you hungry and eager to achieve your personal goals. The energetic environment coupled with the insightful tips are guaranteed to get you back on track and ready to grow!

Get to know more about the unknown

Live events can be surprisingly life-altering when you decide to attend one whose topic is unknown to you. Of course, the topic should always be appealing to you, but the fact that you take the time to know more about a specific technique or speaker you didn’t know much about before opens up the door for new possibilities and, hopefully, the right tips and tricks that will put you on the fast-track to personal development.

Have an unusual yet fun weekend

There is also one huge secret when it comes to Personal Development Events: they are fun! Believe it or not, these events are not designed to just lecture you on what to do and what not to do. Instead, they let you focus on yourself and help you have fun during the process towards self-discovery and growth.

The final benefit is…..Personal Development!

The major benefit of these events is quite simple: you will grow! They give you a very personalized and educational program focused helping you find your path towards Personal Development using proven techniques. More than a fun weekend, or an educational one, you are guaranteed to know how to achieve your personal goals and be the person you have always aspired to be.

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How to unleash Your Potential

6 Simple Tips To Unleash Your True Potential

Imagine a life without those self-constructed walls around you. A life where you are not chained with fear; where you are not afraid of failure; where you realize that the obstacle itself is your path to success. Unleashing someone’s true potential is like finding hidden treasures. We know that it is hidden within us, but we need to dig deep to find it.

What Is True Potential?

According to many motivators around the globe, the true potential of a person is the capacity to develop into something better in the future. The extent of potential may vary from person to person, but unleashing one’s true potential will more often lead to success for that individual.

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself”- Melissa Joy

Here Are 6 Ways to Unleash Your Greatness

#1. Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses

One must always be aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your strengths will make you aware of your area of expertise, boost your self-esteem and make you more focused. On the other hand, being aware of your weaknesses helps you to improve on those areas which hamper your growth.

Tony Hsieh said, “Without conscious and deliberate efforts, Inertia always wins.” If you don’t make efforts to overcome your weaknesses, inertia will always be the winner.

#2. Schedule Your Routine

Even if you have only one hour to do something productive in a day, make sure you do it efficiently. Plan ahead of time, make a routine, follow that and maintain it. Rising your potential will depend on how effectively you spend the 24 hours in a day.

#3. Don’t be Afraid of Taking Risks

How to unleash Your PotentialThe biggest reason why people fail to reach their potential is that they are not willing to take risks. Moving out of your comfort zone will not only help you grow more, but it will also make you stronger and better overall. Try taking a gamble and kick out that fear of unknown from your mind. Nothing can substitute experience, even if you fail to learn from that.

#4. Do Not Limit Your Potential

Do not set a bar on your potential, dream higher to achieve bigger. Break free from your pre-conceived notions and don’t get bogged down by the words of others. Demolish the walls which limit your potential. Many times, humans assume that they are not capable of doing something without even attempting it. Set aside these beliefs and assumptions and unleash your true potential.

#5. Set Your Goals

Analyze what you want to achieve shortly and set that goal as your primal target. Don’t remain aimless, set up your short term or long term goals and work towards achieving it. You can unleash your potential easily when you have a specific target in your mind.

#6. Associate Yourself with Positive Achievers

Surround yourself with great minds who inspire you. We must know that those who stop others from taking up a task are usually failures themselves. People who have the 3 D’s – Dream, Desire, and Dedication are the ones who make you realize to have one too. True potential can be easily attained when you are surrounded by inspiring and positive people.

Instead of thinking about the things which you don’t have, cherish the positive traits that you possess. Follow these six simple to unleash your potential in life and attain the goal you always dreamt of.

There are many ways to hang out with successful people, including attending personal development events and business events because it’s where the achievers go to improve their skill and take their lives to a better level.

Here’s a great video about unleashing your potential. Watch it here:

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London Business events and Personal Development seminar

Personal Development and Business Events in London

London Business events and Personal Development seminarPersonal development events and business seminars become very popular in London for many reasons. One of them is that people in London love to grow and change their lives. There is nothing better than learning some new skills and insights that can be used for life.

A lot of business skills come from personal development. Skills such as negotiation, creating rapport, and working well with others require you to understand yourself and other people’s needs and values. Therefore one way to improve your business is to improve yourself first.

In our opinion, there are two categories as below:

Two types of personal development programs

#1. For Business and Career Growth

This type of self-help focuses on encouraging participants to reach their business and career goals. Skills you can learn in this category include time management, stress management, productivity, leadership and so on. Business skills are also taught in this category. Business events such as Business Mastery not only provides you the cutting-edge business strategies but also the mindset required to become a successful entrepreneur. Would you agree that there is a difference between the way successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs think, act and do? Absolutely! They have a different mindset and they attribute that to their success.

#2. For Personal Growth

This category tends to focus more on self-improvement at a personal level. This might include tips and advice on self-esteem, relationship or self-awareness. You might learn how to maintain your marriage or how to attract a soulmate. This type tends to be about all the topics that involve your personal life which you want to improve. Some program such as Unleash The Power Within focuses more on how to create breakthroughs and achieve your personal goals. It helps you maximize your resources and inner power to accomplish your dreams. We all have unlimited potential but most of us only use a small percentage of our real power. For whatever reason that might be, UPW event is designed to help you unlock all the forces inside you to  succeed at the goals you have for yourself.

There are many ways for you to grow yourself. Self-growth can come from many forms. You can read self-help books, listen to audio programs or attend live events and workshop. You can also learn from your mentor, a conversation you have with someone who is wiser than you. Whatever the form is, you need to learn and grow yourself on a regular basis to gain the edge. This edge will help you overcome any problem or challenge that life throws at you.

If you live in London, you are lucky, because you can study self-improvement directly from Tony Robbins LIVE seminars. He brings his program to the UK every year. The best way to learn something new is to immerse yourself into the environment that supports your learning and to practice what you learn immediately. At Tony’s events, there are thousands of other like-minded people that can come and support your growth. They are hungry to learn and better their lives. There can be also good business opportunities and life-long friendships come out of such courses like this.

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