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Unleash The Power Within is one of the most famous personal development events of Tony Robbins where you can discover what you truly want in life, find out what has been stopping you from achieving it and develop the right strategies and emotions to make it happen.

For over 40 years, Tony Robbins has created a positive impact and touched the life of millions of people including leaders from every walk of life such as Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman, and many more… Tony got the edge and he knows what it takes to create an extraordinary life.

At Tony Robbins UPW Event you will learn to utilize your full potential and make your dream become reality. You’ll have the chance to walk on fire and breakthrough the self-limiting belief of what’s possible and how to live life on your own terms. Our entire life changes in a moment, the moment we make a decision and commit to it, the moment when we stop making excuses and take massive action to achieve our dreams.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins

Unleash The Power Within 2021 Event Schedule

Unleash The Power Within London

4 Days at Unleash The Power Within virtual event will transform your life, business, health, and relationships.

Find financial freedom

Harness the key strategies of wealth creation so you can thrive regardless of economic conditions.

Create vibrant health

Install the habits that create maximum energy, optimum health and peak vitality.

Develop stronger bonds

Break through the patterns of self-sabotage and fear that hold your relationships back and discover how to create momentum to make the difficult things become effortless.

Discover your purpose

Implement a fail safe system to make sure you follow through and achieve all of your goals with passion and enthusiasm.

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Live virtual 360 interactive experience from 17-20 September 2021. Check your time zone here!

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Tony Robbins

3 Steps To Achieve Breakthrough and Success

We all have some areas in our lives that we say we are going to change, whether it’s our business, fitness, health, relationship, finance, career or spirituality. We all have something that we want to take to the next level and for some reason, we can’t seem to breakthrough. Maybe we make an excuse, give up too early or sabotage it before we even start. Whatever the reasons are, if this sounds like you, then you will need these steps to create your own breakthrough.

What is a breakthrough? According to Tony Robbins, a breakthrough is a moment in time where you make something impossible become possible. Which area of your life do you need to have a breakthrough the most?

There are three things you need to have a breakthrough; they are strategy, story and state.

#1. Strategy

A strategy is a way you use to approach your goal. It’s like a recipe, a specific way to do something. If you want to go from where you are right now to a whole other level, you need the right strategy. It doesn’t matter how hard you work and how positive you are, if you’re running east looking for the sunset, it’s not going to work because you have the wrong strategy.

Having the right strategy can save you a lot of time, effort and mistakes and having the wrong strategy will guarantee you to fail. Another critical point is that you have to use the right strategy at the right time and you have to learn the strategies from the people who are currently succeeding by doing it.

So having the right strategies is very important. However, the more important thing is the implementation of the strategies. Sometimes you might find yourself having the right strategy but you’re not using it to get results. Why? It’s because of your story. We don’t lack strategies in the world today because we can search and find the answer to almost everything, what we lack is the right story. You might know to what to but you don’t do what you know.

#2. Story

Your story is your belief about your life and things and events around you. Even if you have the right strategy, but if you don’t have the right story to support your strategy, you are more likely not going to take the necessary actions to make it happen.  For example, if you want to lose weight and your story is that you’ve tried everything or you’re big boned, you’re not likely to succeed. Whatever the story that you have been told or you told yourself, you must be so aware not to buy into the limiting story.So what’s the advice? As Tony said, “divorce your story and marry the truth”. Finding the truth is by finding someone else who’s already achieved the results you want and find out what they believe. You will find that their beliefs are radically different from your own.

If your story is you don’t have the money or resources, that story will destroy your future. But once you are the master of your story, the lack of resources won’t be your problem because you will be so resourceful and you will find the way.

Changing your belief can also be difficult if you don’t know how to change your state.

#3. State

State is the mental game. The state is the fuel you use to get to where you want. If you’re overwhelmed, depressed or frustrated constantly, it would be hard for you to come up with the empowering story to implement your strategy.

If you’re in a bad emotional and psychological state, you will come up with a bad story. So the key is to change your state first, and then change your story and implement the strategies. Getting in the right state is very important because all behaviors are the result of the state we’re in and the key to change our state is through movements. Emotion is created by motion.

At Anthony Robbins UPW event, you will learn many ways to change your state and develop a powerful story so you can apply the right strategies to create lasting results. Once you have the right system in place, a breakthrough is inevitable.

The 6 Human Needs

There are 6 human needs which drive us to do what we do. They are certainty, uncertainty, connection& love, significance, growth, and contribution.

Everyone has the need for certainty. Some people try to meet this need by making a positive impact in the world. Some people meet this need by doing destructive things. So what is your way? What do you do to meet this need?

If things are going too good or too predictable then you might feel bored. That’s why you also need the second need which is uncertainty or variety. Don’t you love a good surprise?

The third human need is significance. Again some people try to meet this need by doing positive things, some might do negative things to meet this need. Even some people deny that they don’t need significance, but they justify it by saying “I’m a Christian”, “I’m a Buddhist”, “I’m spiritual”, etc… whatever that might be, they still try to find a way to make them feel special and unique.

The fourth human need is connection and love. Who doesn’t need this? Everybody needs this. But how you do fulfill this need in a resourceful and effective way? Some people stay depressed and feel sorry for themselves so they can feel a connection with themselves and the love that those around them might provide.

These first four needs are the needs for personality. And if you consistently do something that meets most of these 4 needs, you might be addicted to that activity.

The final two needs are spiritual needs. It’s not referring to a religious sense but it’s about what makes your spirit grow and feel alive when these needs are met. This will determine whether you are fulfilled in your life or not. These 2 needs are growth and contribution.

When it comes to creating an extraordinary quality of life, you need to learn to make better decisions. Your decisions will create your destiny. At any given moment, you are facing with three big decisions: what meaning you give things, what you choose to focus on and what you will do. These are the three pillars that ultimately determine our destination in life. You need to consciously choose these decisions carefully.

UPW is not just a motivational seminar, it’s a life-changing event. You will get motivated and feel inspired, but more importantly, you will change and transform your life. Click on the link below to learn more about Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within UK event.

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