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Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within London 2017

Anthony Robbins Unleash The Power Within 2017

Anthony Robbins Unleash The Power Within 2017 in London

Each year Tony Robbins brings his UPW event to London, the UK to change the lives of thousands of people.

Unleash The Power Within is Tony Robbins’ most popular seminar. Each event attracts thousands of people from all walks of life seeking the same thing: life-changing breakthroughs.

From president Bill Clinton, award-winning actor and producer Hugh Jackman, tennis champion Serena Williams to media giant Oprah Winfrey are just a few of the people who turned into Tony for his secrets and strategies.

Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within London 2017

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On day 1 of this UPW event, you will experience the FireWalk. You will get to walk your bare feet on a bed of hot burning coals. However, the firewalk is not about walking on fire. It’s a metaphor that represents whatever challenge or fears you have in your life, get yourself to walk through what normally stops you. You will uncover what has been holding you back and step out of your comfort zone.

In day 2 you will learn to condition yourself for success. You will gain the clarity to make the decision and achieve your dreams. The clear target of what you truly want and the reasons why you want to have it will be developed.

After you conquer your biggest fears in day one and gain the clarity in your life in day two, it’s time to learn how to model the best strategies to get the outcomes you want consistently in any area of your life in day 3. The modeling process will allow you to replace your limiting beliefs with empowering ones so you can follow through and accomplish your goals.

Day 4 is about energy. It’s not only about being fit and healthy but also a vital life with full of energy to create an extraordinary quality of life. You will learn the nutritional and psychological strategies to boost your immune and dramatically increase your energy.

Understanding The Science of Achievement and The Art of Fulfillment

What does an extraordinary life mean to you? It means living life on your own terms. The two master skills to have an extraordinary life is the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment.

Watch this video to learn more:

3 things that can change your life are your strategies, story, and state. Getting in the right state is very important because all behaviors are the result of the state we’re in and the key to change our state is through movements. Emotion is created by motion. You will learn how to change your emotion and state with a simple exercise.

There are 6 human needs which drive us to do what we do. They are certainty, uncertainty, connection& love, significance, growth, and contribution.

Everyone has the need for certainty. Some people try to meet this need by making a positive impact in the world. Some people meet this need by doing destructive things. So what is your way? What do you do to meet this need?

If things are going too good or too predictable then you might feel bored. That’s why you also need the second need which is uncertainty or variety. Don’t you love a good surprise?

The third human need is significance. Again some people try to meet this need by doing positive things, some might do negative things to meet this need. Even some people deny that they don’t need significance, but they justify it by saying “I’m  a Christian”, “I’m a Buddhist”, “I’m spiritual”, etc… whatever that might be, they still try to find a way to make them feel special and unique.

The fourth human need is connection and love. Who doesn’t need this? Everybody needs this. But how you do fulfill this need in a resourceful and effective way? Some people stay depressed and feel sorry for themselves so they can feel a connection with themselves and the love that those around them might provide.

These first four needs are the needs for personality. And if you consistently do something that meets most of these 4 needs, you might be addicted to that activity.

The final two needs are spiritual needs. It’s not referring to a religious sense but it’s about what makes your spirit grow and feel alive when these needs are met. This will determine whether you are fulfilled in your life or not. These 2 needs are growth and contribution.

Watch this famous TED Talk from Tony to learn more about human needs:

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